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revealing a deeper understanding of the Bible.  These videos are designed for your use and
you are free to share them with your family and friends.  Some older written blogs are also
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We are about building a community of small, home based groups of believers and connecting them together through the use of
today's technology.  We are working towards using live video conferencing in addition to the current live streaming. Video
conferencing will offer the sometimes isolated families and home groups an opportunity to connect with us and other
believers around the country and the around the world in real time.  We offer Shabbat services and in-depth Bible study classes
aimed at building and training up true disciples of Yeshua.  In addition to our Shabbat afternoon Bible study our in-depth
classes, usually held on weekday evenings (class schedule TBA) , are geared toward adults and teens who desire a closer walk
in their faith and a deeper understanding of the scriptures. We invite you to become a part of our team to help us implement
video conferencing by making a one time or ongoing tax deductible donation to Moed Ministries International. Use the donate
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Welcome to Moed Ministries International
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Shabbat Bible Study
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Shabbat Bible Study
Every Saturday at 2 PM Pacific Time
This is a LIVE interactive Bible study session where you can join us from the comfort of
your home via your computer or mobile device.  Watch the live session on our
Livestream.com page (the link to the next session is below) and participate with your
questions and comments via the chat room.  You can download and print the same
student notes the on-site participants are using.  The notes are published a few hours
before the study sessions and are available at the Livestream.com event link.  Join us for
these exciting, interactive sessions as we dig deeper into the word of God!
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notes for the above study session.
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Scripture readings for Tammuz 28, 5777
(July 22, 2017)
- Torah -
Numbers 30:2:36:13
- Prophets -
Jeremiah 2:4-28, 3:4
- New Covenant -
Matthew 23:1-25:46
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classes coming fall of 2017!
Counting of the Omer
Our nine video presentations of Yeshua and the
Counting of the Omer follow Yeshua and His disciples
on their journey following Yeshua's resurrection,
through His ascension and on to the Feast of Shavuot
(Pentecost) when the Holy Spirit was given to the
Disciples while in the Temple at Jerusalem.  These
videos were originally produced back in 2015 and are
now compiled on one DVD for your enjoyment.
Shabbat Service - Saturday's @10:00 am
Shabbat Afternoon Bible Study @ 2:00 pm
Weekly Video Blog - Tuesdays @ 7:30 pm
Shabbat Service
Every Saturday at 10 AM Pacific Time
Join Moed Ministries International for a LIVE interactive Shabbat Service where we invite you
to participate along with us.  Through video conferencing and live streaming over the internet,
Moed Ministries International is building a worldwide network of small home-based groups.  
Our goal is to have each group , no matter where in the world they are, from large cities to
isolated villages or single families, to be able to fully participate and contribute to the Shabbat
services.  Use the "contact us" page to inquire about becoming a connected small group.  You can
also join us on our
Livestream.com page (see the link to the next session is below) and
participate with your questions and comments via the chat room.  Downloadable notes for the
service are also available at the same link within a few hours before the service.  Join us for these
exciting, interactive services as we dig deeper into the word of God!
Watch our latest Shabbat Service here!
Watch our next Shabbat Service at this link:
Shabbat Service
Click on the logo at the right to download or print the
discussion questions for the above Shabbat service.
A 12 session "basic training" for the Bible
student.  This course covers fundamental
principles of the Bible and teaches the individual
how to study and research biblical topics and
analyze the biblical text.  The student will learn
about the Bible from an historic, cultural and
linguistic perspective.  Giving the student the
necessary tools to thrive in future self and group
study settings.
Cornerstones of Faith  -  101
This course is design to take the student in-depth
into the Feasts of the LORD outlined in the book
of Leviticus and elsewhere.  You will discover
that the Feast days are central to all biblical
prophecy and to the life and ministry of Yeshua
the Messiah.  We normally think of the Biblical
Feasts as "Jewish Holidays," but they are in
actuality, days and times that God Himself set
aside to meet with His people.  They are central
to all who call upon the name of the LORD!
Divine Appointments with God  -  102
Download the notes/discussion questions for the up
coming Shabbat Service at this link when available:
Team up with us and help
connect families and small
groups around the world!
The mission at Moed Ministries
International is to connect small
home-based groups of believers using
today's technology.  Using video
conferencing and live streaming we can
open up a broader community of
believers and connect otherwise isolated
families and small groups together in
ways never before possible. Help us
reach our goal and connect people around
the country and around the world.  Use
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Download the student notes for the up coming
Shabbat Bible Study at this link when available:
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