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How to join us via Video Conferencing
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It is our goal and purpose at Moed Ministries International to facilitate connecting small groups, families, and individuals from
around the world.  Our mission is to use today's technology to bring believers together into a larger body to share fellowship and
study of God's word.  We invite you to join us from the comfort of your home or small group setting via video conferencing over
your internet connection.  We strive to make your experience as simple and care-free as possible with the least amount of
necessary equipment at your end.  Come and be a part of the growing family of Moed Ministries International!
Suggested equipment
for small groups
Suggested equipment
for single person
1: Laptop computer. MAC or PC with
output capability to connect with large
screen TV or monitor.

2: USB web-cam such as Logitech C-920

3: USB microphone such as Blue Snowball

4: Tripod for the camera and adequate
cabling for your situation.

5: Good high-speed internet connection.  
MBPS download, 5 MBPS upload
minimum required
for good quality.
1: Laptop computer. MAC or PC with
on-board camera
, Android tablet or Ipad.

2: USB gaming headset is preferred in
place of any built-in microphone and
speakers on the laptop.

3: Good high-spe
ed internet connection.  
MBPS download, 5 MBPS upload
minimum required
for good quality.
Locate the computer someplace central and easily
accessible to the person operating it and
with a
clear, unobstructed view of the television.
How to set up your room for video
conferencing with a small group of people.
Place the camera as close as possible and just below the
television screen.  Here is the camera on a simple tripod.
Here is the view from the camera position.  In this
setup, 6 to 8 people can easily sit around the centrally
located computer with the camera able to view all.
Here is a broader view of the camera placement.  With
the camera placed this way, it will give all participants
a virtual eye to eye view of each other. (On the
television screen is the view that you will see of our
conference room.
In a group setting, a decent microphone is necessary.  
Here we have an inexpensive "Blue Snowball" USB
microphone which will easily pick up everyone in the
room when placed in a good central location as pictured.
Computer connections:
On this computer all the connections are on one side.  Computers will vary.

1 - The top (first white) connection is the wired network.  
Although not required, it is
recommended to use a wired network connection as opposed to wifi for speed and
reliability reasons.

2 - The next connection is the HDMI output to the television.  You will need a long
enough cable to accomplish this.  In the room pictured here, the distance is about 10
feet (3m).  HDMI is best because it has embedded audio and you can easily use the
television speakers for sound otherwise a more complex sound setup is required.

3 & 4 are USB connections for the camera and microphone.  
Because of the distance
from the computer, the camera connection may require an extension
The setup for single person video
conferencing is much simpler.  Although
you can use the same external USB
camera and mic, We recommend that you
use a laptop with a built-in camera (most
laptops have one) and a gaming type
headset with earphones and mic.  The one
pictured is an excellent choice and has an
in-line volume/mute control.
Single person setup
Video conferencing with us requires pre-approval, registration, and testing of your
ability to connect and operate the conferencing software
.  You must make a request
using the form below
, or email us directly at  Once
approved, you will receive a conference meeting number and password along with the
instructions on how to join the video conference.  We also ask that you would commit
to a minimum $
10.00 per month donation to help us with the expenses of operating the
video conferencing system.

Our video conferencing/webinar service provider is  Although it is not
necessary to have an account with to participate in our video conference
sessions, it is recommended that you sign up for their free account.  You never know,
you might want to use this service yourself.  We use it for personal "meetings" with
friends and family.
Pre-approval is required for video conferencing!
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