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Streaming live and on-demand on
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"What God Has Cleansed,
You Shall Not Call Common"
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Join us in Israel
Summer of 2020
August 2nd  - 16th
Experience the Bible come alive as we
tour the land promised to Abraham!
We will visit the very places Yeshua
and the disciples lived and walked.
Shiloh, Hebron, Jerusalem, Migeddo,
Massada, Beit She'an, the Sea of
Galilee, Capernum, Tel Dan, and
much, much more!
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Our teaching series for biblical year 5780
"The Apostle's Journey"
Next study - Shechem: Decisions, Decisions! Part 1
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Jan. 22/25 - Acts 14:1-28
Jan 29/Feb 1 - Acts 15:1-20
Feb 5/8 - Acts 15:20-35
Feb 12/15 Gal. 2:19-3:14
Feb 19/22 Gal. 3:15-4:7
Feb 26/29 Gal. 4:8-5:6
Mar 4/7 Purim (Book of Esther)
Mar 11/14 Acts 15:36-17:14
Mar. 18/21 Acts 17:15-18:11
Mar 25/28 Acts 18:11-23